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Let’s face it, losing weight is difficult. It requires multiple lifestyle changes, giving up your favorite foods, and breaking bad habits. Unfortunately, even after all these adjustments are made, the weight still doesn’t come off! Why does this happen? Because the body is in a state of disharmony. If one or more of the body’s physiological systems are imbalanced, the body will hold onto any excess weight with an iron clad grip.

The East Meets West Weight Loss Program provides a unique and effective approach for weight loss. Using eastern medicine and western advances we are able to determine the imbalances that stimulate weight gain or inhibit weight loss. Once we identify the cause we can provide an integrative solution. Once a part of our program you will receive a combination of acupuncture and customized nutrition treatments. Both elements are a necessary part of permanent weight loss.


Initial Assessment
Your initial appointment consists of an acupuncture and nutrition assessment. We will examine your body inside and out using diagnostic testing like blood work, comprehensive screenings, face mapping, and tongue analysis to assess your current health.

Acupuncture Treatment
You will receive 4 acupuncture treatments, on a once a week basis. The treatments are geared toward elevating your body’s metabolism, which in Traditional Chinese Medicine means eliminating dampness and strengthening the spleen. Complementary herbal Chinese formulas will be recommended as needed.

Nutrition Treatment
You will receive 4 nutrition appointments in your monthly program. Your nutrition treatment will consist of customized meal plans, herbal plans, exercise plans, goal maps, and any other necessary plan. These plans provide personalized, easy to follow instructions to improve your body. You will meet with your nutritionist on a weekly basis for assessments and guidance.

Price: $550-$750