Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety wellness seriesStress & Anxiety Wellness Series

If you’re suffering from anxiety, you are certainly not alone. Anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric problems affecting both children and adults. In fact, it is estimated that 19 million adult Americans are living with anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders are highly treatable – yet 2/3 of individuals suffering from them do not receive treatment.

Acupuncture and nutrition are two fundamental components of reducing stress and anxiety.

East Meets West offers an integrative approach to help you experience life at its fullest.

Your diet is a major contributing factor to both the experience and the severity of your anxiety as well as your body’s ability to combat daily stress. A healthy and balanced diet that is right for you is a key to overall health and mental well-being. Pair your healthy diet with an effective treatment technique such as acupuncture, and you are guaranteed to succeed. Acupuncture is one of the most effective stress and anxiety treatments to date. Researchers have discovered that acupuncture blocks chronic, stress-induced hormone elevations in the brain thereby decreasing the severity and occurrences of stress.
Our dual program of acupuncture and nutrition provides a bullet proof treatment for any anxiety and stress related disorder as well as support one in the adverse effects when getting off or reducing prescription medications.


Initial Assessment
Your initial appointment consists of a comprehensive exam with our head acupuncturist/herbalist and nutritionist. We will go over your health history and your current issues, analyze your most recent blood work, conduct face mapping, as well as tongue and pulse analysis to assess the state of your health and identify the imbalances.

Acupuncture Treatment
You will receive weekly acupuncture treatments. Depending on the outcome of the comprehensive exam, the treatments are aimed to correct the imbalance in your body that causes anxiety. The treatments will also increase your body’s ability to deal with the stress of modern life and help eliminate the negative effects. Chinese herbal formulas will be offered in order to support and enhance your well-being.

Nutrition Treatment
Your nutrition treatment will consist of balancing your nutritional needs using vitamins, minerals, western herbal blends, customized meal plans, exercise plans, goal maps, and any other plan you may need. These plans provide personalized, easy to follow instructions to improve your body. You will meet with your nutritionist on a weekly basis at first, then monthly for assessments and guidance.

Price: $550-$750