Nutritional Wellness

East Meets West Nutritional Wellness

At East Meets West we leverage the power of nutrition as an alternative health care practice. Through an in-depth consultation and blood analysis review, our clinical nutritionist-dietitian will be able to identify the causes of your illness and offer you a treatment plan towards healthier living. We believe that natural, whole foods have the power to help you heal and reach your health goal in the least invasive manner. “You truly are what you eat.”

Further, according to traditional Chinese medicine, what we regularly ingest is extremely important to maintaining vitality and preventing illness from taking root. In fact, many medical conditions can be dramatically improved by simply modifying our diet. Whenever possible, we should try to eat fresh, whole, unprocessed natural foods free from chemicals, additives and preservatives. These foods are said to be ‘full of Qi‘ or energy. The general guidelines to maintaining a healthy diet are to eat meals at regular times, eat seasonal foods, and keep a ‘well-balanced’ diet.