Massage Therapy

East Meets West massage therapy

From signature therapies to personalized treatments, our expert massage therapist offers a uniquely rejuvenating experience through the use of custom-blended aromatherapy oils that will heighten your senses, relax your muscles, and bring tranquility to your mind. Our massage therapist is licensed in the State of California. Two hour massages are available upon request.


Swedish Harmony – (30 min $50) (60 min $85) (90 minutes -$125)

Our deluxe soothing massage integrates a variety of strokes to warm and soothe the muscle tissue. By using only the finest massage oils, this treatment releases tension, lowers the heart rate, boosts the production of endorphins, calms the nervous system, promotes relaxation, and reduces anxiety. This gentle form of massage therapy will also relieve and prevent muscle cramps and spasms – leaving your body feeling pampered and relaxed.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue – (30min $60) (60min-$100) (90min-$140)

Using deeper levels of strength and pressure, this massage reaches the furthest layers of the muscles, tendons, and fascia to help break up muscle “knots” – helping to relax the body, reduce stress hormone levels, and lower the heart rate.

East Meets West Blend – (30min-$70) (60min-$120) (90 minutes-$165)

Our expert massage therapist will use his deep knowledge of the body to develop a customized rejuvenating treatment, providing your body with exactly what it needs. The treatment will restore your body’s harmony and maintain peace in your heart and mind.

Reiki- 60 minutes – $120

Reiki is the ultimate treatment for stress relief and rejuvenation. This thousand-year-old curative approach is a form of “hands-on-healing” in which the healer works with universal energies to restore your energy centers to their optimal state of flow – restoring the mind, body, and spirit towards wellness.

Maintenance Massage – 15 minutes – $20

Everyday stress creates tension in your neck, shoulders, and back. Relax your muscles, stimulate blood flow, and increase the flow of oxygen to your muscles and surrounding tissue by enjoying a 15-20 minute massage any Monday, Friday, or Saturday at East Meets West.
Each additional 5 minutes, $5.

Hand & Foot Massage – 20-60 minutes – $30-$75

According to Eastern philosophy, our hands, feet, and ears are known to closely mirror areas deeper within the body. By activating these surface areas, any major organ or anatomical system can be stimulated and strengthened, notably to prevent illness and maintain overall good health.