Homeopathy Treatments and Pricing


Issue-Specific Consultation – Approx. 30 minutes – $85

(Take advantage of the Intern Rate ending July 15th – $35)

Discuss any issues currently troubling you with our Practitioner of Homeopathic Medicine, Ryan Kondyra – including any physical, mental, and emotional symptoms – to find the appropriate and effective remedy to treat the Chief Complaint.

Constitutional Consultation – Approx. 1.5 hours – $135

(Take advantage of the Intern Rate ending July 15th – $65)

In this comprehensive consultation, our Practitioner of Homeopathic Medicine takes into account heredity, predispositions, habits, personality, and all current and previous physical, mental, and emotional issues – a constitutional remedy aimed to bring back a state of balance and to improve overall health will then be recommended.  This one-time consultation also streamlines any future issue-specific consultations as it narrows down all possible remedies to those specific to your constitution.

Consultation Follow-Up – Approx. 15 minutes – $35

(Take advantage of the Intern Rate ending July 15th – $15)

Traditional chinese herbal medicine selection over papyrus backg

Homeopathic Remedy Apothecary

Along with our Herbal Apothecary, East Meets West will soon be introducing our custom Homeopathic Remedy Apothecary.